What is the Function of the Alternator in Your Vehicle?

The car battery usually gets all the credit for powering all the electrical devices in your vehicle, but it does need some help from your alternator. Here are just some of the functions of the alternator in your vehicle.

Your car's battery will send just enough power to the starter motor so the car turns over. Once started, the alternator sends power to things like the stereo, lights, gauges, air conditioning system, and navigation system. The alternator in your car is basically a generator, getting its power from the crank wheel as the engine turns. The alternator powers all those devices you have come to enjoy while driving. If the alternator is beginning to fail, then it will appear the lights are too dim or the gauges not working correctly.

When your vehicle shows signs that the alternator is beginning to fail, stop by our Jaguar parts and repair bays in Huntsville, AL so we can test the entire electrical system.

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