Make Sure Your Tires Are Safe

Your tires are the only thing connecting your vehicle to the road. That is a strip of rubber just a few inches wide keeping thousands of pounds off the ground and navigating safely through turns! Ensuring that your vehicle's tires are filled with correct air pressure and have appropriate tread levels is one of the most important safety checks you can do for your car. Here at Jaguar Huntsville, we can take a look at your tires and make sure they are still safe for driving.

All tires come with a recommended 'cold' tire pressure. Slight leaks and large ranges in temperature can lead to a vehicle losing tire pressure, so it is good to check every fill up with a simple tire change. You should also check your tread depth. This can be done with a penny or a simple and cheap tread gauge. If you find that it is time to replace your car's worn out tires, give our service department here at Jaguar Huntsville a call today!

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