Understanding Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings

Using the right viscosity of motor oil is incredibly important to the performance and overall maintenance of the engine. To understand oil viscosity ratings, you need to know how to read the numbers correctly. There are two numbers in viscosity ratings with the letter W in between. The first number designates the viscosity of oil at cold temperatures; the second indicates the viscosity at high temperatures. So a 10w-40 oil has a viscosity rating of 10 at cold temperatures and a rating of 40 at high temperatures.

Oil needs the appropriate viscosity to reach all areas of the engine and properly lubricate it. If the viscosity is too thick, the oil cannot reach all parts of the engine in time, especially in cold weather. If the viscosity is too thin, the oil cannot effectively lubricate the engine while running. Consulting your dealership is the best way to know which oil is best for your engine.

Schedule an oil change and consultation at Jaguar Huntsville to learn more about oil viscosity ratings and to determine what type of oil your engine needs.

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