Are Certain Types of Brake Pads Better in Wet Weather?

Brake pads perform very important vehicular functions. They are responsible for slowing and stopping the wheels and tires. To be effective, brake pads must do this duty in wet and cold weather as well as sunny and pleasant weather. That said, some kinds of brake pads are better in inclement weather than other kinds.

An example of a good wet-weather brake pad is the sintered pad. Sintered pads are made from mixtures of metal flakes, fillers, and adhesive resins. The metal particles that characterize sintered brake pads can bite into the brake rotors, which are the metal discs that attach directly to the wheels. Because they are able to bite so deeply, sintered pads can stop heavy vehicles in rainy, snowy, and even muddy conditions.

Like any component, sintered pads eventually require replacement. Here at our facility in the Huntsville, AL area, our experienced and certified brake system replacement and repair technicians have lots of experience with various kinds of brake pads, including sintered pads. To ensure that your brakes are ready for bad weather, swing by Jaguar Huntsville today for a no-obligation conversation with us. After all, your braking system is only as good as your brake pads.

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