Common Reasons for an Overheated Engine

When the tire pressure light comes on in the car, it is time to investigate the problem. Here are a few of the reasons the pressure may have changed in the tires.

During the hottest days of the summer, the hot air temperature could increase the tire pressure until the temperatures drop. In the morning during the winter, the pressure in the car tires may drop slightly but resume to normal as the temperatures rise.

When cracks in the sidewall are evident, it might be the indication of a more serious issue if the pressure light is staying on. Anything that is stuck in the car tire could impact the pressure. Don't remove that obstruction; let the tire technicians at Jaguar Huntsville address the issue so they can determine if the tire integrity is still intact.

Bring your vehicle to our skilled Jaguar repair location if you can't find the cause of the tire light staying lit.

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