What do Gaskets do for Your Jaguar Vehicle?

So you’re driving along in Huntsville, minding your own business, when your engine fails. You pull off to the side of the road and studiously check your spark plugs, your fuel line, your coolant and your battery, everything checks out. What could be wrong with the vehicle?

The simplest component is the cause of the most failures. Gaskets are a crucial, flexible seal made of steel/copper with a coating of rubber. They keep liquids and air where they belong. For example, your oil pan gasket keeps oil in the pan badly needed by a moving crankshaft. Your intake/exhaust manifold gaskets keep things from overheating and keep air in its place. Your cylinder head gaskets pad the gap between your engine block and the cylinder heads. You can spot a failing or failed gasket pretty easily – they acquire nasty deposit buildups, they crack or peel, they let gaps appear as they’re compressed, and they stiffen, losing their sealing ability. This is inevitable, but you can get longer life out of your gaskets by keeping a schedule of oil changes and fluid replacements (antifreeze, coolant, steering fluid).

We want to help you understand the importance of all your vehicle’s components at Jaguar Huntsville, so please come visit our auto service department today to learn more.

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