Here at Jaguar Huntsville, we enjoy helping our customers and others to travel more safely and comfortably. A special system that addresses both these concerns is known as the Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) service. This system provides numerical scores that give consumers information about which vehicles make it easiest to secure and restrain child seats and other safety equipment. It is important to note that the LATCH system does not address safety directly, but simply ease-of-use.

The LATCH system rates several objective vehicle features for ease-of-use. These features include the accessibility of lower anchoring points, necessary connection force, clearance angles, tether location, and confusing pieces of hardware. When a vehicle meets each of these criteria with satisfactory scores, it receives a LATCH rating of good. Vehicles that are harder to work with in terms of safety equipment installation may receive an acceptable or nominal rating.

LATCH ratings provide prospective vehicle owners with yet another tool to investigate their future purchases. Individuals who have children and wish to make it easier for themselves and their children to make use of child safety equipment would do well to harness the power of the LATCH rating system.



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