Make a Statement in the New Jaguar XJ

Sleek. Powerful. Sophisticated. The new Jaguar XJ will have classic car enthusiasts claiming love at first sight. From the distinctive teardrop body design which helps reduce drag to the low, wide body stance that Jaguar is known for, this car shows a meticulous attention to detail.

Experienced drivers will also love the new Jaguar XJ. The 3 Liter V6 supercharged engine has 340 horses and is as responsive as a well trained Piebald. With an impressive 332 feet per pound of torque, the Jaguar XJ goes from 0 to 60 in only 5.7 seconds! The driving experience is practically life changing and will have you wishing you lived in Germany instead of your neighborhood, just to experience how it opens up on the Autobahn.

If you're ready to drive a car that screams attractive and powerful, head over to Jaguar Huntsville now and let our team of experts go over your options with you.



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