Sleek Lighting on the Jaguar F-PACE

With a stylish sports vehicle like the Jaguar F-PACE, beautiful exterior lights are a must-have. Thankfully, this popular luxury performance SUV doesn't disappoint. Jaguar has designed powerful lights that look great while helping you see in dark driving conditions.

Every model at Jaguar Huntsville has daytime running lights. Called the "J Blade" lights, they wrap around the standard headlight housing. The unique shape makes them very easy to see no matter how bright it is outside. Jaguar is offering a few different headlight options. They vary based on trim level. These options include traditional halogen, Xenon, or adaptive LED. The LED lights are capable of imitating the natural color temperature of sunlight to help you see better at night.

On the back of the F-PACE, LED taillights are used. The taillight housing is designed to complement the overall shape of the SUV. They wrap around the corners and integrate into the liftgate seamlessly.



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