More often than not, if your car or SUV is having difficulties starting, it is usually due to a dead or faulty battery. However, if you have a new battery or have confirmed that your current battery is in good shape, chances are that you're experiencing ignition problems and need to bring your vehicle in for service. If your automobile is having a hard time starting, starting roughly, or not starting at all, then it is definitely time to have your ignition system looked at a certified automotive technician.

5 Common Indicators it’s Time for Ignition Service

  1. Solenoid Problems/Dead Starter: When you turn the key or push the start button and nothing happens, that is the telltale sign of a malfunctioning solenoid. The solenoid is absolutely essential in delivering power to a vehicle’s ignition system, as well as engaging the starter with the flywheel, and simply will not function unless all of its components are working properly.
  2. Grinding/Rough Start: If you hear the distinct sound of metal gears grinding as you fire up your vehicle, it probably means that the starter motor in your ignition system has worn out gears or is not engaging and you need to bring in your vehicle for ignition service.
  3. Freewheeling: When you go to start your vehicle and all you hear is a whining or screeching sound and no cranking, your ignition system is freewheeling and not connecting with the engine. This is a fairly serious issue that requires a new starter motor. You will want to have a certified automotive professional check your vehicle as soon as possible.
  4. Smoke: Needless to say, if your vehicle is emitting smoke when you start the ignition, then you will not only want to bring your vehicle in to an automotive repair center, but for safety’s sake, you should have it towed there as well. Smoking or a foul burning smell upon ignition is a sign that your ignition system is conducting excessive amounts of electrical current due to an electrical short within the system due to the starter motor being overused or a faulty connection.
  5. Oil Leak: Engine oil leaks can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s ignition system due to the fact many vehicles place their starter motor near the bottom of the motor-housing, right in the line-of-fire for dripping oil. An ignition system marinated in oil not only diminishes its overall lifespan and longevity, but it will no longer function reliably and can even present a potential safety hazard.

If your car or SUV is experiencing any of the above symptoms, or you are finding yourself having to battle your vehicle every time you want it to start, then it is time to bring it in to Jaguar Huntsville. Our ASE certified master mechanics are highly experienced at diagnosing, servicing and repairing ignition systems.

Huntsville residents will want to check out our honest, friendly, high-quality, ignition system service and repair. Contact us or come in today to set up an appointment. Our knowledgeable staff of automotive experts are standing by, ready to assist.


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