Two Types Of Winter Tires And When To Use Them

Choosing the right winter tires is one of the best things that drivers can do to stay safe in severe weather conditions. With these, maintaining good traction and handling will be infinitely easier. At Jaguar Huntsville, we want to help locals learn more about their options in winter tires, as well as the best types pf tires to choose for specific weather conditions.

Studded Tires Are Best For Slick, Icy Surfaces

Studded tires are the best choice for anyone who'll be spending time out on slick, icy roads. These tires have actual metal studs embedded right in their treads. These studs provide enhanced traction by digging down into the ice. Tires like these, however, can cause road damage when used in non-winter conditions. As such, although they're capable of handling cold weather extremes quite effectively, certain states have limited their use or outright outlawed them.

Choose Non-Studded Tires For Snowy, Slushy Roads

?Studless winter tires are an incredibly popular choice among those routinely driving in snowy, slushy conditions. Surprisingly, innovations in rubber compounding and overall tread design also make these a good choice for icy roads, especially in areas in which studded tires are frowned upon. Whether choosing studded or studless winter tires, it's important to remember that non-winter tires aren't properly designed for the challenges of the season. To find out more about winter tires or to have your tires changed out by seasoned professionals, visit us at Jaguar Huntsville today.


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