For many drivers, one of the most daunting aspects of buying a new vehicle is financing it. Sadly, consumers who lack stellar credit are often forced to target lower than optimal price points or put their purchases on hold. At Jaguar Huntsville, we're excited to share two easy strategies for improving both your credit rating and your odds of getting the vehicle you really want.

Start Paying Bills On Time

Approximately 35 percent of your credit score pertains to the timeliness of payments on your regular bills. As such, remitting payments after they're already due can diminish your purchasing power significantly, especially if you're in the habit of paying late often. Conversely, for each and every bill payment that you submit on time, positive info is added directly to your credit report.

Start Paying Down Your Credit Balances

?Paying down your credit balances will lower your debt to income ratio. This will show lenders that you have more disposable money on hand, and an increased ability to repay any new debts that you take on. For more credit-boosting tips or to finance your next automobile, come see us at Jaguar Huntsville today.


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