Brakes are arguably the most important safety system in your car. They're essential to slowing down, stopping safely, and staying in control. That's why getting maintenance and service on your brakes is so important. If you need brake repair near Huntsville, Florence, and Coleman, visit Jaguar Huntsville.

What are the Most Common Brake Repairs?

Your vehicle's brake system includes lots of moving parts. These work together to slow your car down and bring it to a complete stop. Over time, these parts might need to be replaced. Most brake service is actually part of your routine maintenance. Others can be more unexpected. Some of the brake related jobs our technicians perform most often are:

  • Replacing Brake Pads
  • Inspecting Brake Lines
  • Flushing Brake Fluid
  • Replacing Cracked Rotors

How Do Brakes Work?

So, why do your brakes need these repairs? It actually has a lot to do with how brakes work. Your vehicle's brake system uses pressure and friction to slow your car down. First, you press down on the brake pedal. The pressure you apply pushes brake fluid through the brake lines and out to your wheels.

Each wheel consists of a spinning metal rotor. Just above the rotors, you'll find a set of calipers with brake pads attached to them. The calipers are connected to your brake lines. When you step on the brake pedal, the calipers clamp down on the rotors.

However, the brake pads are what actually makes contact with the rotors. That's because brake pads are designed to create friction. This friction is what slows the rotors down. This process all depends on how much pressure you apply. That's why the brake pads are able to decrease your speed slowly or bring you to a sudden stop.

Over time, the brake pads begin to wear down though. It's also important for your vehicle to have adequate brake fluid. That's why brake service is a big part of your routine maintenance.

What Are Signs Your Brakes Need to be Repaired?

Squeaky brakes are one way you can always tell that it's time for brake service. This sound is actually by design. Brake pads are built to produce this sound when they've worn down and need to be replaced.

Some other warning signs include a stuck brake pedal or drifting to the side while you slow down. These can indicate low brake fluid or a problem with the brake lines. If it feels like your steering wheel is vibrating while you brake, that could indicate a cracked or warped rotor.

Remember to look for any dashboard lights too. Whether it's a brake system failure or a malfunction with your anti-lock braking system (ABS), you should get brake service as soon as possible.

Where Can I Schedule a Brake Repair near Me?

When you need brake repair near Huntsville, Florence, and Coleman, schedule a service appointment with Jaguar Huntsville. We have a team of highly trained technicians who will get your car or SUV stopping on a dime. Plus, we carry genuine Jaguar parts that were designed just for your model. Contact us to learn more orĀ visit our service center.

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